End of the year (2012)

End of year review (2012)

The year comes to an end, and so does the first part of my 'Today, You Can!' cycling journey. So far, I have crossed 18 countries and covered 17,500 miles (28,108 kilometers) since I left Deadhorse, Alaska on July, 2011. It seems to be the right time of the year to look back at...



Alone for too long

I feel shit. Lots of things just come together. I am tired of travelling. Tired of being on the bike all the time. Every day, I intend to cover at least 100 kilometers, but preferably more! It just goes on and on. The same pattern over and over. This...



Aart v.s. Nature

In the Amazons rainforest, I am fighting the final round. This month's winner will be crowned king of the jungle on top of the Andes mountains. Previously, nature battled hard to get me down. In the remote forests of Canada, it pissed all over my face. For three weeks, I cycled through the rain....



Cycling the Americas with “PenW”

When I came home in Amsterdam after 34,000 kilometers, I went straight to the popular Dutch television show "Pauw en Witteman". A pretty scary thing. The daily television show is live and daily over one million people watch it. Hours before I would go live, The nerves disappeared when...


In 500 days, Aart will cycle more than 19,000 miles through endless forests, dry steppes, dark jungles and snow-covered mountains. On the bike, he will carry everything needed to be as self-sufficient and independent as possible. This project is not only about his dream. It is also about the dreams of other people. Today, You Can! realizes both. Come join his ride and get weekly Facebook updates!